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Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is the biggest and oldest university in Ireland, claiming several thousand students and a centuries old legacy in educating some of the best minds from within Eire and abroad. It also holds the distinction of being a visitor’s destination, with the campus and grounds splendidly accompanied by the ornate Trinity College Library which is the largest library in Ireland. All around are buildings formidably gleaming with fine design and culture: admiration, awe and interest are provoked by the mere sight of these structures.

Trinity College Dublin (exterior)

Tours through parts of the university grounds are offered, with particular emphasis placed upon the library and its most famous artefact – the Book of Kells. Those stopping to see Trinity College enjoy a pleasant blend of atmospheres – the slight mustiness and flanking panjandrums encased in the library’s ample tomes, and the relaxing, verdant serenity of Trinity’s lawns and structures.

Trinity College Library

Address: Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, College Green, Dublin 2, D02 DK07, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 896 1000
Email: academic.registry@tcd.ie
Website: https://www.tcd.ie/