Dublin Pubs
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The Church (Dublin)

The Church is a classically decked out bar, nightclub and pub in the centre of Dublin. Together, these venues inhabit a fully renovated large church, collectively tipping their hat toward modern trends in hospitality. Alongside traditional whiskies and beers are numerous cocktails, while old-school Irish dancing and folk performances sit alongside modern sound systems and drum kits. Through care and practice, the mash-up works – thousands of people every month arrive here to be sated and regaled, with burgers, steaks, lamb shanks, seafood and traditional stews well-represented on the menu.

The Church, Dublin classy, renovated restaurant and seating

Something of a unique attraction, The Church boasts several contrasting atmospheres to suit anyone. An outdoor beer garden, and interior halls complete with the gorgeous Gallery Restaurant, together with a nightclub for those wanting to party. Parts of the venue are available for hire or for large-scale reservations – fully-catered weddings and foods which span the traditional and the contemporary keep the bookings coming in, while the glittering décor applied in the festive time brings The Church a sizeable seasonal crowd.

A succulent, gravied lamb shank in The Church, Dublin

Address: The Church, Mary Street, Dublin 1, D01 YX64, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 828 0102
Email: reservations@thechurch.ie
Website: http://www.thechurch.ie/

Café en Seine (Dublin)

Café en Seine lets those inclined to French cuisine enjoy in abundance, splicing together the rich tastes of authentic Irish produce with an exquisite Parisian verve so often equated with gourmet dining. The interior design is a particular highlight, with glass ceilings and huge metal lanterns conferring atmosphere to the dining area. The ornate surroundings in themselves attract many, with incidental visitors so impressed they often stick around to dine and soak in the indelible ambiance.

Cafe en Seine Dublin exquisite atmosphere and stunning décor

A popular nightlife venue for its drinks selection, snazzy cocktails and friendly bar staff, the Café en Seine’s menus range across local favourites, with continental cuisine also well represented. The venue is particularly friendly to group diners, with platters designed for sharing available, and several long tables available for parties of 6 or more people to book. Quick lunches of soup and sandwiches are also popular. Factor in the great location in close proximity to Dublin’s bustling downtown – plus all that curvaceously exquisite furnishing – and you have here a sure winner for a night out.

Scrumptious soup and sandwiches at Cafe en Seine Dublin

Address: Café en Seine, 39/40 Dawson Street, Dublin 2, D02 X067, Ireland.
Phone: +353 01 677 4567
Email: info@cafeenseine.ie
Website: http://cafeenseine.ie/

Bloom Brasserie

Bloom Brasserie has the distinct upscale air of a wine bar, while having the personality that can only be imbued by two brothers working to bring out the very best in Ireland’s own vegetables, meats and seafood. The cosy meets the classy with a fireplace and sumptuous seating paired up with a chilled out, gently lit bar area. On the menu, choice is the order of the day with seafood, meats and vegetarian dishes all making a strong showing.

Warm and inviting interior with fireplace in Bloom Brasserie

Enjoying your meal in fantastic style is easy at Bloom Brasserie: a mere matter of sitting back and soaking in the delightful atmosphere, which balances relaxation and modernity in a sublime manner, wherein dark, locally quarried stone meets relaxing mood lighting. The food tastes fantastic across the board; the chefs present having practiced long and hard to get the best possible tastes from every local vegetable and meat, cooking and presenting them to perfection.

An artfully plated fresh meats and salad in Bloom Brasserie

Address: Bloom Brasserie, 11A Upper Baggot Street, Dublin 4, D04 HN92, Ireland.
Phone: +353 01 668 7170
Email: info@bloombrasserie.ie
Website: http://www.bloombrasserie.ie/

Diep Le Shaker

Diep Le Shaker is Dublin’s answer to Thai cuisine, offering a stunning range of meals that span the entire Thai tradition. Well-known favourites such as Thai Green Curry are accompanied by delicious appetizers like Tom KhaGa – lime-scented coconut soup – and main meals such as Tao Hu Tua – snap peas stir-fried and spiced with chilli – which authentically bring the uniquely sublime qualities of Southeast Asia alive to the amazement and delight of diners.

The well-lit, contemporary exterior of Diep le Shaker

Visitors wanting to receive a great impression of Thai cookery will be pleased to see Diep Le Shaker’s value menu, which is available for one or two customers and has the option of red or white wine accompaniment, with seared meats and salads populating the menu. Serving staff meanwhile treat their guests with an attentiveness and courtesy that many reviewers see fit to highlight. The availability of event and group bookings, plus the wine and cocktail menus, fully round out this excellent, exotic restaurant.

Sizzling seared meat and colourful salad at Diep le Shaker

Address: Diep Le Shaker, 55 Pembroke Lane, Dublin 2, D02 TD61, Ireland.
Phone: + 353 1 661 1829
Email: reservations@diep.net
Website: http://www.diepleshaker.ie/

Irish Film Institute Café Bar

Irish Film Institute Café Bar lets purveyors of Dublin’s motion picture showings stop by for a drink and a meal. Located right inside Temple Bar, the eatery is hugely popular with film-goers eager to discuss the latest motion pictures to hit Dublin theatres in any given season, with outdoor and mezzanine seating available. Something of a gem among the creatively inclined, the IFI bar offers a bunch of great snacks and mains at reasonable prices. All-time favourites like Irish Stew are complimented by more novel offerings such as the special ‘build your own burger’ menu present.

The stylish mezzanine seating at the Irish Film Institute Cafe

For those in a hurry or with plenty more to see round Dublin, sandwiches are available to go, while quick bites are happily accompanied by various herbal teas and coffees. General diners or those fresh and bleary-eyed from an evening showing, will be pleased at the colourful range of main meals that span steaks, pasta, chicken foods, lasagne and much more. Wine and cocktails are served too, placing the IFI in rivalry with several of central Dublin’s classiest venues. All this is rounded off magnificently in the modern contemporary atmosphere of redbrick that defines the IFI.

Address: Irish Film Institute, 6 Eustace Street, Dublin 2, D02 PD85, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 679 8712
Email: cafebar@irishfilm.ie
Website: http://www.ifi.ie/

House Dublin

Within House Dublin, you’ll feel at home while simultaneously luxuriating in a premise which is just that extra bit special. On the surface, it’s a presentable Georgian townhouse much like many hotels in city centre Dublin – behind the doors however, we’ve a multi-faceted place of hospitality where a bar boasting a colossal wine selection and seating, discreet yet classy nightclub, skylight garden patio and dozens of fine bedrooms congregate to from an unforgettable time.

A sumptuously comfy double room in House Dublin

The venue also has a restaurant, whose lunches and dinners combine Mediterranean flavours with fish and crustaceans brought in from the Irish coastline. Though comprising a mere 15 rooms, House Dublin’s reputation for hospitality – be it from celebrating match goers or simply those on a night out, or tourists who happen by – means guests are in for a treat. The rooms are well-decorated with big beds, WiFi and en suites, while quieter types will love perusing the venue’s library for a fittingly Irish holiday read.

House Dublin's glittering skylight garden patio

Address: The House Hotel, 26/27 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2, D02 V306, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 905 9090
Email: welcome@housedublin.ie
Website: http://housedublin.ie/

Sheries Café Bar

Sheries Café Bar has the distinction of being the oldest family-run restaurant in all Dublin, wearing this honour with a glowing pride symbolized by the delicious foods on offer. Although advertised as a café, Sheries offers its visitors a full-on dining experience with starters and main courses including fresh caught fish, meat sourced from Ireland’s farms, and traditional favourites such as Irish stew. A particular favourite is the 2 course special, which combines starters such as smoked salmon with mains comprise of all-time favourites such as Thai Green Curry or Mushroom Risotto.

Contemporary bar with seating in Sheries cafe bar's interior, Dublin

The verdict from visitors is consistent: Sheries best points include its all-embracing selection of meals spanning stalwart local foods plus internationally inspired dishes, for instance their impeccable Eggs Benedict. An air of authenticity is imparted by the Isherwood family who together have put their life’s passion into the business. Furthermore the great atmosphere and presence of a meeting room perfect for small scale functions and company outings, completes Sheries as a popular choice with residents as well as tourists in Dublin.

Scrumptiously gooey eggs benedict at Sheries Cafe Bar

Address: Sheries Café Bar, 3 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1, D01 K6R2, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 874 7237
Email: sheries@eircom.net
Website: http://sheries.ie/

Eden Bar and Grill (Dublin)

Eden Bar and Grill works hard to merit its great location, smack dab in the middle of Dublin’s creative quarter. The restaurant has distinct lunch and dinner menus, which between them offer both the best in traditional Irish cuisine together with the firm and popular preferences of meals appreciated all over the world. The highly skilled chefs at Eden are capable of preparing to a high standard a range of meats, fish, and vegetarian choices aimed at delighting even the choosiest of eaters, with the venue’s roast chicken fondant a permanent favourite.

A colourfully vibrant dining table, Eden Bar and Grill

Over the years, food critics and journalists staying in Dublin for its myriad entertainments have praised Eden Bar and Grill for its chef’s incisive approach to the culinary arts. The vibrantly wonderful, well-lit and laid back stained glass ambiance is complimented by attentive serving staff dashing between the colourful dining tables and the expansive bar with astounding hospitality. All this is completed by the entertainments offered, a piano and mic see musicians regale guests regularly.

A creamy Roast Chicken Fondant in Eden Bar and Grill

Address: Eden Bar and Grill, 7 South William Street, Dublin 2, D02 CV65, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 670 6887
Email: info@edenbarandgrill.ie
Website: http://www.edenbarandgrill.ie/

The Wine Cave at KC Peaches

The Wine Cave at KC Peaches offers visitors to Dublin the opportunity to enjoy authentically prepared whole foods in a fantastic atmosphere. A round rejection of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colourings and other additives in both their savoury and sweet courses make KC Peaches a small restaurant chain with a very standout difference. As such, it’s become a popular niche success in Dublin, with Fridays and Saturdays featuring entertainment and the much-reputed Wine Cave providing tourists and residents of Ireland’s capital with a serendipitous combination of sustenance and relaxation.

The classy blackboards and interior of KC Peaches

The KC Peaches chain boasts four different venues all around Dublin, all of which offer a range of snacks and dishes updated weekly with the hottest new discoveries pioneered by the in-house chefs eager to tantalize your taste buds. What’s more, KC Peaches also has a shop which packs some of their best creations into containers perfect for taking out for lunch or an evening meal, while their legendary bacon, tater and egg brunches hold everlasting appeal.

A scrumptious bacon and taters brunch in KC Peaches

Address: KC Peaches Coffee Shop, 28/29 Nassau Street, Dublin 2, D02 NP40, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 642 5903
Email: winecave@kcpeaches.com
Website: http://kcpeaches.com/

Nancy Hands Bar and Restaurant

Nancy Hands Bar & Restaurant combines relaxation with live music, a roaring fire occupying one corner with the atmosphere firmly planted in the traditions of the old-fashioned Irish public house. Popular with Dubliners as well as visitors wanting a slice of traditional Celtic food and drink, this lovely example of an old time bar is adorned with old artworks. A wide selection of whiskies and beers are available, with the menu home to the stews, steaks and lamb joints – that good pub grub visitors expect.

The seating and old-fashioned decor of Nancy Hands bar and restaurant, Dublin

Perhaps most notable of all are the Nancy’s Shenanigans, which offer visitors a superb evening of entertainment with a three course meal included in the bargain. Stories of the building itself and the nearby Phoenix Park are told, while traditional Irish folk ditties are played by fiddlers accompanied by long time singers who encourage the audience to sing along. A few unusual crafts invented round Dublin are demonstrated too, such as the making of Guinness-infused bread.

A lamb joint with potato in Nancy Hands restaurant

So whether you’re just after a meal or a full-blown night of real Irish entertainments and joy, the Nancy Hands Bar & Restaurant is well-worth considering.

Address: Nancy Hands Bar and Restaurant, 30-32 Parkgate Street, Dublin 8, D08 W6X3, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 677 0149
Email: info@nancyhands.ie
Website: http://www.nancyhands.ie/