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Bistro Martello (Sandycove)

Bistro Martello offers an impressive selection of seafood, all locally caught and fresh. Most of the menu revolves around the various fish, scallops, crab, mussel and clams, with the seaside location in lovely Sandycove providing fitting visual compliment the culinary delights offered. Many guests visit this bistro for an ambiance paired impeccably with sea views right over the Dublin Bay, the panoply or architectural and natural features a valuable compliment to the enjoyment of any meal.

The suave, warm dining area of Dublin's Bistro Martello

With seating capacity for over fifty people, and a handy location a mere three minute walk from Sandycove’s DART train station, the Bistro Martello holds a rare distinction of serving fine food in a location near enough perfect. Locals favour the venue together with tourists, with the hospitality on offer and the pleasant surprise of a large wine roster making this seaside restaurant well worth considering for anyone keen on sizzling seafood and sea views.

Fresh, mouthwatering scallops at Bistro Martello


Address: Bistro Martello, 1 Martello Terrace, Sandycove, County Dublin, A96 XY75, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 280 9871

Yamamori Izakaya

Yamamori Izakaya brings the exotic tastes of Japan to downtown Dublin, with the menu serving a range of dishes popularly associated with the Far Eastern nation, as well as more esoteric and novel choices for those more inclined to experiment. Most popular are the sushi tasting platters for two and groups which have become an avowed preference of couples and business parties, whilst the unique manner in which the trained chefs cook and prepare the meat steaks strike a memorable chord with Asian culinary enthusiasts and ordinary diners alike.

Yamamori Izakaya's invitingly colourful entrance

Visitors to the Yamamori Izakaya restaurant in Dublin speak of the exceptionally accommodating staff and of the low-key yet invitingly sublime ambiance conferred by the colourful decor, and the two Georgian houses comprising the venue. The drinks selection is formidable, with many of the spirits and beers unusual kinds sourced from specialist breweries in Japan. Special events at the restaurant include their annual summer spit roast wherein an entire pig is cooked to perfection, with music performed nightly on-site and beer offered within the restaurant’s garden.

Yamamori Izakaya's tasting platter for two people, Dublin

Address: Yamamori Izakaya, 12/13 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2, D02 RD36, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 475 5001
Email: info@yamamorinoodles.ie
Website: http://yamamori.ie/

Odessa (Dublin)

Odessa gives those in Dublin seeking simple, honest good grub a delightful range of meals offered in an atmosphere that speaks volumes for Ireland’s reputation for great hosting and boundless courtesy toward guests. The Odessa restaurant offers everything from satisfying snacks and butties, burgers like their gorgeous buttermilk fried chicken and of an evening a range of cocktails blended and chilled there and then which seldom fail to impress and bedazzle.

Odessa's classy redbrick restaurant exterior, Dublin

The rooftop terrace, metallic embossed bar, huge leather seats and fireplace complete an atmosphere perfectly combining old fashioned Irish comfort with modern class and style. Particular favourites during the day include the full Irish breakfast and the fresh brewed coffee. Of an evening, the Odessa Club is particularly favoured for its chilled out atmosphere and friendliness to hen and stag parties, with the busy St. Patrick’s Day season seeing a particularly brisk trade. Whether the place is packed or quiet however, the Odessa’s ever-courteous servers accept whatever order you make with a smile.

A towering buttermilk fried chicken sandwich in Odessa restaurant

Address: Odessa, 13/14 Dame Court, Dublin 2, D02 K122, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 670 3080
Email: info@odessa.ie
Website: http://www.odessa.ie/

STIR Restaurant (Dublin)

Dublin’s STIR Restaurant gives those staying at the Clayton Hotel in Cardiff Lane an impressive range of culinary fancies that attract many diners from all around the city curious to sample the quality offered. While only guests can enjoy the delectable breakfast menu, during the evenings the Stir Restaurant comes alive, its atmosphere lit up by a popular, word-of-mouth led reputation for great food. As such, reservations must be made well in advance, with the neighbouring Vertigo Bar also very well frequented of an evening.

STIR Restaurant's formidable wine selection

Particularly praised are the STIR’s range of soups and stews, with braised lamb with veggies cooked to perfection ever a popular choice for the main course. Coupled with the enormous wine selection are a team of sharp and attentive waiters, whose breezy efficiency commonly draws praise from customers perceiving the attention to detail which so characterise the service. Lastly, the superb atmosphere of the modern hotel, with low-hanging lights and impressive wine bar, prove a fine backdrop for any discerning diner’s enjoyment.

Roasted lamb with veggies at STIR Restaurant, Dublin

Address: STIR Restaurant, Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane, 10-12 Cardiff Lane, Dublin 2, D02 YT21, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 643 9500
Email: info.cardifflane@claytonhotels.com
Website: www.claytonhotelcardifflane.com

The Italian Corner (Dublin)

The Italian Corner at Eliza Lodge Guesthouse gives guests and passing diners alike a delicious selection of favourites from Italy, with plentiful portions of pizza, lasagne and pasta dishes presented splendidly in an atmosphere of relaxation. A perfect staging ground for further exploration of Dublin city centre given its superb location close by the River Liffey, this restaurant offers up a healthy variety of meat dishes, from cheesy Carbonaras to rich Bologneses to burgers to pasta bakes.

The Italian Corner restaurant's exterior

Guests can gaze into the bustling streets and watch evenings go by in the comfortable and gracious Italian Corner atmosphere, the large windows affording good views serenaded by the venue’s relaxing music. Diners in particular note the expedience with which meals arrive, situated on large plates with a generous serving size, while guests at the neighbouring Eliza Lodge often note the superb breakfast selections likewise offered.

A cheese topped spaghetti carbonara - The Italian Corner, Dublin

Address: The Italian Corner, 24 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2, D02 K354, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 671 9114
Email: http://www.italiancorner.ie/
Website: http://www.italiancorner.ie/

Sheries Café Bar

Sheries Café Bar has the distinction of being the oldest family-run restaurant in all Dublin, wearing this honour with a glowing pride symbolized by the delicious foods on offer. Although advertised as a café, Sheries offers its visitors a full-on dining experience with starters and main courses including fresh caught fish, meat sourced from Ireland’s farms, and traditional favourites such as Irish stew. A particular favourite is the 2 course special, which combines starters such as smoked salmon with mains comprise of all-time favourites such as Thai Green Curry or Mushroom Risotto.

Contemporary bar with seating in Sheries cafe bar's interior, Dublin

The verdict from visitors is consistent: Sheries best points include its all-embracing selection of meals spanning stalwart local foods plus internationally inspired dishes, for instance their impeccable Eggs Benedict. An air of authenticity is imparted by the Isherwood family who together have put their life’s passion into the business. Furthermore the great atmosphere and presence of a meeting room perfect for small scale functions and company outings, completes Sheries as a popular choice with residents as well as tourists in Dublin.

Scrumptiously gooey eggs benedict at Sheries Cafe Bar

Address: Sheries Café Bar, 3 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1, D01 K6R2, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 874 7237
Email: sheries@eircom.net
Website: http://sheries.ie/

Casa Pasta (Clontarf)

Casa Pasta in Clontarf gives lovers of Italian cuisine touring Dublin a delectable range of Neapolitan and provincial delights to choose from, including favourites such as Spaghetti Bolognese and multi-cheese lasagne. House specials include the speciality meatballs, while a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks plus side dishes such as ciabatta garlic bread further bolster the selection. An independent business, the Casa Pasta Clontarf’s team are eager to please diners with some having worked and prepared great food at the restaurant for several years now.

Attractive sea views amid seating in the Casa Pasta Clontarf

Perhaps the most defining, delightful feature of this restaurant is the atmosphere afforded by the splendid sea views off the Dublin Bay. The eatery’s sublime situation attracts functions and weddings every year, with local residents and visitors taking in the sights of Clontarf stopping by to enjoy the great service, courteous and accommodating staff and the food present. Given the popular demand, the Casa Pasta has a specialist catering division dedicated to laying on the best food possible – whatever the occasion.

Address: Casa Pasta, 55 Clontarf Road, Dublin 3, D03 WK02, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 833 1402
Email: casapastadublin@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.clontarf.ie/

Eden Bar and Grill (Dublin)

Eden Bar and Grill works hard to merit its great location, smack dab in the middle of Dublin’s creative quarter. The restaurant has distinct lunch and dinner menus, which between them offer both the best in traditional Irish cuisine together with the firm and popular preferences of meals appreciated all over the world. The highly skilled chefs at Eden are capable of preparing to a high standard a range of meats, fish, and vegetarian choices aimed at delighting even the choosiest of eaters, with the venue’s roast chicken fondant a permanent favourite.

A colourfully vibrant dining table, Eden Bar and Grill

Over the years, food critics and journalists staying in Dublin for its myriad entertainments have praised Eden Bar and Grill for its chef’s incisive approach to the culinary arts. The vibrantly wonderful, well-lit and laid back stained glass ambiance is complimented by attentive serving staff dashing between the colourful dining tables and the expansive bar with astounding hospitality. All this is completed by the entertainments offered, a piano and mic see musicians regale guests regularly.

A creamy Roast Chicken Fondant in Eden Bar and Grill

Address: Eden Bar and Grill, 7 South William Street, Dublin 2, D02 CV65, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 670 6887
Email: info@edenbarandgrill.ie
Website: http://www.edenbarandgrill.ie/

Trumans Restaurant (Dublin)

Trumans Restaurant is part of the distinguished Buswells Hotel, which offers resident guests and discerning diners alike an experience eating out in Dublin with just a touch of extra pizazz. The cosy atmosphere, with dark patterned wallpaper and cushioned seating, puts diners immediately at ease, anticipating the myriad delights the kitchen staff prepares with an attention to detail only years of honed skill can confer.

The stately interior of Trumans Restaurant, Dublin

The place is also distinguished for its lovely location in central Dublin, and a menu which emphasizes local specialities while stocking the iconic Irish whiskies and beers that so define the culture. Often those dining at Trumans stumble upon it by chance, many individuals attracted by its stately repose and spotlessly consistent atmosphere. For the most part, diners depart pleasantly surprised; commenting on the quality of the food, service and the restaurant’s ‘hidden gem’ qualities.

Address: Trumans Restaurant, Buswells Hotel, 26/27 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, D02 CT80, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 614 6500
Email: info@buswells.ie
Website: http://www.buswells.ie/

Wongs Chinese Restaurant (Dublin)

Wongs Chinese Restaurant serves especially delicious Chinese cuisine to Dublin’s residents and visitors, bringing an impressive selection of Asian meat and seafood dishes together with an easy ambiance agreeable to any diner. Striking a particular note of fancy with patrons are Wongs’ appetizers which range between the stalwart Asiatic favourites such as Peking duck, spring rolls and sizzling dishes. Meals uncommonly seen in restaurants of this type include lobster prepared in the Oriental style, with spring onions and garlic.

Wongs Chinese Restaurant's Oriental decor

Another defining feature of Wongs is their exceptional catering to guests desirous of fast food, with the grilled steaks present with beef sourced exclusively from Ireland. The superbly situated restaurant is close by several of Dublin’s best transport links; this makes its set meal and banquet arrangements popular with locals and visitors. Factor in the professionally trained, friendly and accommodating staff noted in many appraisals of past customers and it’s easy to see that Wongs Chinese Restaurant offers a winning recipe for a delicious evening out in Dublin.

Address: Wongs Chinese Restaurant, Ashleigh Centre, Castleknock Road, Dublin 15, D15 H64K, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 822 3330