Dublin Pubs
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Govinda’s Restaurant (Aungier Street)

Govinda’s Restaurant in Dublin prepares daily the Eastern delights which has made Indian cuisine such a sought after favourite in Ireland – but with an interesting twist. The entire menu is vegetarian and vegan, with the superb value and authenticity of food present bolstered by the fact the eatery’s ownership has their very own orchard growing fruits and veggies in the County Fermanagh countryside. Feedback regarding the friendliness of the serving staff present, plus the inexpensive nature of the cuisine – a main course costs under 10 euros – are two of Govinda’s best qualities.

Govindas Restaurant in Dublin; interior, counter and seating

With three restaurants in Dublin – this one in Aungier Street being the original and favourite to many – vegetarians and fans of Indian cuisine visiting or living in Dublin will in Govinda’s find something to suit their palette, with salads and lentil dishes aplenty to choose from. A big favourite is Govinda’s Special – a Subti dish combining vegetables with basmati rice, often accompanied by homemade cheese known as Panir. Other notable favourites include the freshly prepared milkshakes and smoothies, plus the refreshing, sublimely fresh side salads.

A vegetarian meal of lentils and salads in Govindas restaurant

Address: Govinda’s Restaurant, 4 Aungier Street, Dublin 2, D02 KT66, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 475 0309
Email: info@Govindas.ie
Website: http://www.govindas.ie/

The Wine Cave at KC Peaches

The Wine Cave at KC Peaches offers visitors to Dublin the opportunity to enjoy authentically prepared whole foods in a fantastic atmosphere. A round rejection of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colourings and other additives in both their savoury and sweet courses make KC Peaches a small restaurant chain with a very standout difference. As such, it’s become a popular niche success in Dublin, with Fridays and Saturdays featuring entertainment and the much-reputed Wine Cave providing tourists and residents of Ireland’s capital with a serendipitous combination of sustenance and relaxation.

The classy blackboards and interior of KC Peaches

The KC Peaches chain boasts four different venues all around Dublin, all of which offer a range of snacks and dishes updated weekly with the hottest new discoveries pioneered by the in-house chefs eager to tantalize your taste buds. What’s more, KC Peaches also has a shop which packs some of their best creations into containers perfect for taking out for lunch or an evening meal, while their legendary bacon, tater and egg brunches hold everlasting appeal.

A scrumptious bacon and taters brunch in KC Peaches

Address: KC Peaches Coffee Shop, 28/29 Nassau Street, Dublin 2, D02 NP40, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 642 5903
Email: winecave@kcpeaches.com
Website: http://kcpeaches.com/

Brioche (Dublin)

Brioche is a restaurant in the very centre of Dublin which creates Irish cuisine in an atmosphere of cosy warmth, filling up guests with a delightful selection of meals sourced from the canon of Ireland’s culinary past whilst subtly imbuing the tender modernity that could only be from much-revered chef Gavin McDonagh. Bringing his Michelin Star experience to his very own eatery, McDonagh painstakingly assembles dishes crafted to the finest detail for maximum mouth-watering potential and presentational finesse.

The dining area and seats of Brioche restaurant, Dublin

Coffee brunches and weekday lunches are regular events at the Brioche, with their menus excitingly varied for the festive season and during summertime. The local menu, where pork, beef and veggies from Ireland clash gorgeously, is ever-popular. Despite the myriad qualities present in the impeccably presented meats, vegetables and sauces, the homeliness and genuine welcoming visitors identify with Dublin is preserved – sitting down for a delicious meal on one of the plush seats, soaking in the gently lit and art adorned environment, and being served by people who exude personable charm and impeccable manners. What more could a diner want in Dublin?

A dish of seasoned pork, sampled from Brioche's local menu

Address: Brioche Restaurant, Elmwood House, 51 Lower Elmwood Avenue, Dublin 6, D06 A8P3, Ireland.
Phone: +353 01 497 9163
Email: eat@brioche.ie
Website: http://www.brioche.ie/restaurant/

Nancy Hands Bar and Restaurant

Nancy Hands Bar & Restaurant combines relaxation with live music, a roaring fire occupying one corner with the atmosphere firmly planted in the traditions of the old-fashioned Irish public house. Popular with Dubliners as well as visitors wanting a slice of traditional Celtic food and drink, this lovely example of an old time bar is adorned with old artworks. A wide selection of whiskies and beers are available, with the menu home to the stews, steaks and lamb joints – that good pub grub visitors expect.

The seating and old-fashioned decor of Nancy Hands bar and restaurant, Dublin

Perhaps most notable of all are the Nancy’s Shenanigans, which offer visitors a superb evening of entertainment with a three course meal included in the bargain. Stories of the building itself and the nearby Phoenix Park are told, while traditional Irish folk ditties are played by fiddlers accompanied by long time singers who encourage the audience to sing along. A few unusual crafts invented round Dublin are demonstrated too, such as the making of Guinness-infused bread.

A lamb joint with potato in Nancy Hands restaurant

So whether you’re just after a meal or a full-blown night of real Irish entertainments and joy, the Nancy Hands Bar & Restaurant is well-worth considering.

Address: Nancy Hands Bar and Restaurant, 30-32 Parkgate Street, Dublin 8, D08 W6X3, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 677 0149
Email: info@nancyhands.ie
Website: http://www.nancyhands.ie/

Castleknock Hotel and Country Club

The Castleknock Hotel and Country Club offers comfort and hospitality in a wonderful rural setting. Located just a short drive from Dublin’s city centre, and several of the surrounding rural attractions that distinguish Ireland so wonderfully, Castleknock’s multitudinous facilities bring choice and class in equal measure for guests booking in. Wedding parties for instance are always impressed by the sumptuous Phoenix Suite dining room. Friendly staff and a delightful ambiance characterize the entire venue, which is also reasonably near Dublin airport for superb and expedient guest access.

Castleknock Hotel and Country Club's exterior and lawns

A venue meriting every one of its four stars, Castleknock’s bedrooms universally offer comfort and views out to the green Irish countryside. En suite bathrooms, TVs with online YouTube and Netflix video, WiFi and satellite TV are all standard. For guests wanting a workout, the hotel gym and pool provide ample opportunities to tone up, while the spa and massage services present give guests the pampering characteristic of a great holiday. Mealtimes meanwhile are succinctly catered in The Park restaurant, while the casually orientated The Avenue eatery offers an experience closer to that of the traditional pub.

The Castleknock Hotel's Phoenix Suite, popular for wedding reception meals

Address: Castleknock Hotel & Country Club, Porterstown Road, Dublin 15, D15 WNR7, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 640 6300
Email: reservations@chcc.ie
Website: http://www.castleknockhotel.com/